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At Nautique Ltd, we are fully insured for vessel surveys and reports. Our marine surveyors can conduct a pre-purchase survey, damage survey, insurance survey, or a valuation to give you a complete rundown on the vessel at hand. A survey may be necessary before buying your dream boat, when you are in the process of selling, or when securing finance.

Whatever the reason for your inspection, our boat surveyors are ready to help.

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Vessel Surveys & Reports

We can complete a range of marine surveys to meet your needs, including:

Pre-Purchase & Damage – Private/Domestic Vessels

Performed to ensure the vessel is as per your requirements and condition is as advertised. Damage survey carried out for the hull, machinery, superstructure, and electrical equipment which can be used for your repairs/insurance claims.

Marine Insurers – General Condition, Hull, Machinery

Condition of vessel and equipment evaluated as is seen. Prices, if required, are current market value for new or used items. The condition of the hull and machinery is reported for property damage/liability/insurance purposes.

Assessing Condition & Damage of Ocean-Going Vessel Machinery

Evaluation that a vessel is in a sea-worthy condition and machinery is in order. Our ship survey will report the facts and assess any damage that may affect the safety of the vessel.

Complete boat maintenance and repair service

As well as providing boat surveys, our team can complete your insurance repairs to get your vessel back in the water as soon as possible. Whether it’s a paint repair or complete structural hull repair, we have the experts for the job. Our team works with a range of leading marine insurers so we can get your repair work completed with minimal hassle.

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