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A pinnacle of your boat care and maintenance, antifouling can often be done incorrectly, or not well enough to achieve the desired results. If your boat will be staying on the water, or living on its trailer, we can offer an antifouling solution to suit your needs. Working with top of the line materials and techniques, our service is second to none.

We start by thoroughly cleaning and sanding the hull to remove any organisms that may be living on there already, and then look at applying premium primers to prep your hull for antifouling. Propellers are specifically antifouled with coatings specially developed to be applied to aluminium surfaces. This ensures a quality finish and an end result that you’re happy with.

We also offer a full hull scrapback service/sand blasting when antifoam build up has become excessive, which can lead to general deterioration of your vessel’s hull. All work is carried out from our Hobsonville workshop, but our team can travel to other boat yards in the Auckland area to carry out some Antifouling work.

Nautique Ltd uses paints from from Azko Novel, Altex, PPG, Resene, Warpaint, Seahawk during our antifouling process and are registered applicators of Propspeed for aluminium underwater metal/running gear. Propellers, rudders, trim tabs, shaft can have Oceanmax Propspeed applied.

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