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A large super yacht had a composite tender that had suffered badly from excess heat on the hull due to its dark blue colour, as well as 20 years of hard service. It had completely de-laminated between the foam core and inner and outer laminates.

A marine surveyor had identified the problems and the boat was to be written off. This was distressing to the owner as it was his first boat and he was deeply attached to it.

Nautique and the marine surveyor came up with a repair schedule to utilise the inside skin and replace the core and outer skins. The vessel was also water-logged and heavy; this meant bulkheads and structural elements could stay in place, and the vessel repaired around them.

Additional problems were that the dark colour had to be retained, so all products used had to be heat tolerant and best boat building techniques used, so there would be no print through or distortions as the hull got hot. We estimated 350 kgs were saved.

The hull was repaired fully and then heated to over 70 degrees (post curing). The hull was faired and painted and heated again. Awl craft 2000 was applied in Midnight blue. Paint profiles applied and the result was a superyacht tender with a world class finish that has done 4 seasons of demanding use and the owner still enjoys his vessel.