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Our client brought in their 50ft European-built Production Yacht, which had suffered delamination of the hull liner. This can sometimes be called the keel grid

This is a large fibre glass component that is glued onto the inside of the hull and forms a structural member to mount bulkheads and interior fittings on. Due to poor production techniques this liner becomes separated from the hull skin and causes the vessel to lose stiffness. As the vessel was being raced, it showed up as a loss in rig tension, and was picked up by a marine surveyor.

Nautique removed the timber interior and designed a carbon fibre bulkhead overlay. We also re-bonded the liner back onto the hull – after all work was complete the hull had a massive net gain in stiffness – that meant better boat speed for racing, which is exactly what the client was after.

Nautique has repaired many european production yachts with this type of fail, and in conjunction with specialised marine epoxies from Adhesive technologies, can repair these fails with great results for our clients.

This fail affects Beneteau, Hanse, Dufour Jeanneau Bavaria production yachts